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What did Darron Lee say to Lane Kiffin? Something good!

Inquiring minds want to know.

Darron Lee was the 2015 Sugar Bowl defensive MVP after a coming out party before a national audience for Ohio State in their national semifinal triumph over Alabama New Year's Day.

Lee finished the night with seven tackles, three of them tackles for losses, and seemingly all of them were big. Almost half felt like they were on the shoe-string variety and almost always saved the dam from breaking with an Alabama offense that always seemed a step or two from breaking one. He also added two sacks for his troubles.

But perhaps Lee's biggest accomplishment of the evening was engaging in some good spirited ribbing with noted Alabama antagonist/offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer's back-and-forth trolling when the two were at Tennessee and Florida respectively is the stuff of legends, but now you can add Darron Lee's name to Kiffin's illustrious history. Check out the two's chance encounter after Lee made one of those three TFLs:

So what exactly did Lee say to Kiffin there? Oh ho ho, about that:

Good news! His mom, local Columbus news personality Candice Lee, happens to be on Twitter. Was this her tipping her hand about what he might've said?

Doesn't matter, I suppose. Either way, mom is going back to Columbus from New Orleans with one extra personal carry-on: