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Finebaum post-Ohio State vs. Alabama 2015 Open Thread

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

If you're unfamiliar with the Paul Finebaum Show (or Finebaum in general), buckle up, ladies and gents.

Finebaum is basically like what if the Ohio State exaggerated stereotype of Kirk Herbstreit had his own four hour radio show each day with a cast of Jim Rome's the Jungle-esque character callers ... except they're all people of the SEC/from Alabama.

Paul's spent the better part of the last 12 hours burying the SEC. And though in past episodes he's dodged taking calls after on-the-field disasters, after the past 48 hours in SEC football (coupled with Ohio State's ascension), you're in for a treat.

Click here to stream along and join us making fun of the absurdity we hear in the comments below. If you've got access to WatchESPN or a TV, you can watch on SEC Network, as well.

Go Bucks. Beat Oregon.