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Celebrate Ohio State's national championship with a t-shirt

From our friends who brought you the Next Man Up shirts, we have a few more that you may enjoy

After Ohio State beat Alabama to win the Sugar Bowl, our friends at BreakingT came out with the perfect shirt to embody the ethos that powered Ohio State to their huge upset, "Next Man Up". Now, we've come up with two more designs to help you and your friends commemorate Ohio State's memorable run to the National Title.

We have a grey National Champs helmet, showcasing every memorable championship year, as well as a spin on 2014, reminding us that 2014 was very much Ohio's year. Both designs are below.

You can order those shirts here and here respectivelyYou can grab the other design, Next Man Up, here as well.


Note: This shirt is a BreakingT original, and is not official collegiate merchandise, nor is it endorsed by any team, school, or individual player.  It's designed by fans, for fans.