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Podcast: What's wrong with Big Ten basketball, with BT Powerhouse

A league that could have sent eight teams to the NCAA has struggled this season, and Ohio State is no exception. Our latest podcast investigates why

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It's not secret that Ohio State basketball has struggled a little bit this season, and recently, I explored some of the reasons why. But Ohio State isn't the only Big Ten team to underperform this year. In fact, most of the conference has, from losing to terrible tiny-conference opponents, to health concerns, to just flat out underachieving. What gives? Why have some teams with high expectations, like Michigan and Nebraska, stunk to open the season? Is there time for Ohio State, or any of these big names, to make corrections? And who is going to eventually make the NCAAs?

To figure these questions out, we spoke to Thomas Beindit, editor of SB Nation's Big Ten basketball blog, BT Powerhouse.

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Thanks for listening. Go Bucks.