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Crowd chants '1 more year' as Braxton Miller says 'We have another year to do it'

All three of Ohio State's quarterbacks spoke at Ohio State's championship celebration, and at least one didn't sound like he was about to leave

Multiple players spoke at Ohio State's national championship celebration today, including all three of Ohio State's quarterbacks, who eventually took the podium together. Ohio State's Braxton Miller took the stand to stadium-wide chants on "one more year!". Miller said that "It's been a privilege and an honor to be a part of this national championship team, but guess what, we got another year to do it, so Go Bucks!"

Maybe that isn't the explicit "I'm coming back" that some Buckeye fans wanted to hear, but it sure didn't sound like somebody on his way out the door either. Miller, of course, has already graduated and can transfer to another FBS program without sitting out a season. Dispute reports that he's been linked to programs like LSU, Florida State, Duke and Oregon, we continue to believe that he's coming back to Ohio State.

The video above has remarks from Urban Meyer, and all three of Ohio State's quarterbacks. You can hear Miller speak, and the crowd chant, around the 1:00 mark.