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Watch the 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes sing Carmen Ohio one last time

It's time to close the book on Ohio State's season, and what better way to do that than by singing Carmen Ohio one last time?

The confetti has all fallen and been cleaned up. The speeches are over, the crowd has gone home, and the proverbial dust has all settled. The 2014 football season is over, with the Ohio State Buckeyes your national, and undisputed, champions.

What better way to close the book on the season, and their final celebration, than by singing Carmen Ohio one last time? You can watch the team close out the celebration with their song above. If you feel so compelled so sing along, like maybe I was doing, I won't blame you. Carman can turn the biggest tough guy into a softie.

Congrats to Ohio State on an exceptional season for the ages, overcoming all manner of adversity, and changing perceptions of Ohio State, and Big Ten football. And thank you all, once again, for sharing this season with us. How Firm Thy Friendship indeed everyone. O-HI-O.

Go Bucks.