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Why is this news?: Ohio State to expand financial aid for athletes, Big Ten bowl season helps recruiting

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Ohio State bringing in the national championship helps recruiting across the conference.
Ohio State bringing in the national championship helps recruiting across the conference.
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

"Ohio State University is preparing to spend an additional $1.6 million a year for students on athletic scholarships under expanded rules meant to ensure student-athletes are compensated for the full cost of attending school."

- Evan Weese, Columbus Business First

After a voting Jan. 17 took place to discuss "cost-of-attendance" scholarships between the five power conferences in the NCAA, Ohio State is preparing to dish out some more money for future student athletes that have a scholarship. The Buckeyes would help compensate the athletes for the full cost of attending school, which includes more than just tuition, books, and room and board.

Some of the other areas the money would cover would include traveling to and from campus, deposits to live in dorms and miscellaneous expenses such as laundry. Since head coach Urban Meyer has been constantly speaking about getting the players more help for their families and beyond, it seems like this is nice timing for all of the athletic programs at Ohio State.

"Our conference is known everywhere. But it needed a step up in legitimacy. I think Ohio State's run and what happened in other bowl games helped that a little bit. But what has to happen for the conference as a whole is for one through 14 to step up."

- Minnesota defensive backs coach Jay Sawvel via Mitch Sherman, ESPN

The Big Ten put on quite a show during the postseason, finishing with a 6-5 bowl record and won three out of their four games on New Year's Day. Add in the fact that Ohio State represented the Big Ten in the inaugural College Football Playoff (including upending Alabama and eventually crushing Oregon in the national championship game), and the conference got a major boost.

Now, that boost should help the Big Ten when it comes to recruiting future college football stars. The championship game and bowl season were watched by millions, and recruits tend to take notice of when teams or conferences are doing well or under performing. Now it's up to the coaching staffs of the Big Ten to haul in the best recruits they can and continue producing on the field.

"Russell is more of an outside shooter than Turner was, while Turner attacked the lane more relentlessly and effectively. But here's what they both were as Buckeyes. The best player and best scorer on the court, and Ohio State played its best when the ball was in their hands."

- Doug Lesmerises, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Doug Lesmerises of the Northeast Ohio Media Group made some interesting comparisons for Ohio State freshman D'Angelo Russell and the current Ohio State squad. Evan Turner was the first player that came to mind because both players were the best on their respective teams, and both were able to score the ball seemingly at will. Turner was a National Player of the Year when he was with Ohio State and while the hype for Russell isn't quite there yet, he's proven that he has the same talent level.

It's pretty fascinating to see the comparisons made between this team and some of Thad Matta's old teams (some of which Evan Turner was included in) and you even see a couple of paragraphs about the 2006-2007 team which made it all the way to the national championship game against Florida.

"Ohio State Buckeyes fans will be paying big bucks for next year's highly anticipated game against Michigan State in November, as well as the Penn State game in October."

- Evan Weese, Columbus Business First

If you're thinking about seeing Ohio State play in person next season, you may want to prepare your wallet. To see the Buckeyes host Michigan State in November will be starting around $150, while the October matchup with Penn State will start at $125. As for the rest of the six games, it appears prices will be the standard $79, which isn't any different than from the past couple of seasons.

It makes sense that those two games are the big tickets, considering Ohio State is coming in as the reigning national champion after defeating Alabama and Oregon in the College Football Playoff. Michigan State and Penn State have been tough matchups the past few seasons that teams have to beat if they want a chance at taking the Big Ten crown. With the Buckeyes keeping a lot of the same players, they'll be the top dog getting everyone's best shot.