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Ohio State raising Michigan State, Penn State ticket prices, lowering others

By restructuring the ticket prices, Ohio State season tickets will actually end up being cheaper for the 2015 season overall.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Football tickets next season are sure to be a hot commodity as the Buckeyes make a run for a second consecutive national title. Lucky for fans, the Horseshoe's capacity is 104,944, and Buckeye Nation pushed the limits and set a school record of 108,610 for the Michigan game in 2014.

In a move not unlike others elsewhere around the country, the university will be switching to a variable pricing structure next season. Ticket prices for both non-conference games against University of Hawaii (9/12) and Western Michigan (9/26) will be cut $14, making them the season's cheapest tickets at $65. The majority of conference games will stay at the standard $79 per ticket, with the exception of Penn State and Michigan State. These two "premier" games  will run $125 for Penn State (10/17) and $150 for Michigan State (11/21). In a move that student fans will appreciate, the student ticket prices will not go up and will stay $34 per game.

With some prices going up and some going down, season ticket costs will actually be reduced from $655 in 2014 to $642 in 2015

"We have the best fans in the land," Gene Smith, Vice President and Director of Athletics, said in a release. "We led the nation in attendance last year and would like to continue to hold that position. Considering the great fans we have, it is the perfect season to thank our fans by implementing this model now."