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Urbana, Ohio to change name to 'Urban' in honor of Ohio State

What, you thought Oregon, Ohio was going to be the only city in the Buckeye State to change their name?

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The internet has been abuzz recently with news that Oregon, Ohio will be going by a new name ahead of Ohio State's championship battle with the Oregon Ducks. But the small town outside of Toledo won't be the only Buckeye state municipality to change their name. Enter, Urbana.

According to this pronouncement, later confirmed by the city government, Urbana will change their name to "Urban, Ohio", in honor of Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer, on January 12th, the date of the championship game. Of course, Urban Meyer isn't from "Urbana", although that would be pretty cool. He's from Ashtabula. Urbana isn't the hometown of anybody currently on Ohio State football's roster either, but that doesn't mean they can't get in the spirit.

Urbana isn't without big time football history though. Remember the movie 'Little Giants'? Well, that was set in Urbana, so in a way, it's responsible for the greatest trick play in the history of mankind, the "Annexation of Puerto Rico".

No word on any other Ohio towns looking to change their names to support Ohio State. Here's hoping New Albany changes to "Darron Lee-ville" or something.