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College Football Playoff says they'll provide travel assistance to families

The families of parents will be getting the help they deserve.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the press release from the College Football Playoff:

IRVING, Texas - The College Football Playoff (CFP) announced today that, subject to NCAA rules, it will defray the cost of expenses for student-athletes' parents or guardians to travel to the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship on January 12.

The reimbursement will cover expenses for hotel accommodations in North Texas and travel reimbursement and meal expenses for a maximum of two parents or legal guardians per athlete. The reimbursement will be capped at $1,250 per parent or guardian.

"We know how expensive travel can be, so we're pleased to provide assistance to parents or guardians who want to see their sons play in the first College Football Playoff National Championship," said Bill Hancock, executive director of the College Football Playoff. "It will make the game even more special for the student-athletes to know that their family members are receiving this benefit."

The CFP moved quickly to provide this benefit as a pilot program just six days before the National Championship Game.  The program will be evaluated going forward to make certain it provides the appropriate amount of permissible assistance.

Urban Meyer reacted at a press conference he was in when the release was issued with a fist pump saying that the news made his day.