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The Ohio State-Oregon Championship Game hype video is perfection

Just like reading previews, statistical analysis, and scouting breakdowns, you can't properly get ready for an Ohio State football game without taking in the rock star OSU athletics video team's latest masterpiece.

This time, not unlike their football team counterparts, OSU's video crowd (led by David Trichel) looks to go out on top. One game to determine it all. One hype video to motivate everyone to make it a reality.

Whether it's the seamless cuts, the perfect music choices, or the masterful highlight selection, the Buckeye video team's trailers never fail to deliver. Warning: The Ohio State video production team nor Land-Grant Holy Land, SB Nation, or Vox Media are responsible for any walls you run through in close proximity following the watching of this hype video. Viewing discretion is strongly advised.

Go Bucks. Beat Oregon.