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Podcast: Deep dive on the Ohio State-Oregon Championship Game w/ Addicted to Quack

When Ohio State makes the championship game, you get a bonus podcast, where we dig even deeper into the nitty gritty with Addicted to Quack.

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Sure, we already did one podcast breaking down the Oregon game with our friend, Dan Rubenstein, but when it's the national championship, one podcast alone can't hold all that analysis in. Just in time for your commute home, we recorded a second one, with our friend Sean Larson of Addicted to Quack.

Sean and I break down how Oregon has managed to overcome even more injury adversity than Ohio State, the big names along the Ducks' wideout corps and on defense, their expectations for next season, and how their defense, which may be at a disadvantage, can scheme to try and stop a prolific Buckeye attack. If you listen to these two podcasts, you'll know enough about Oregon to impress everybody at your watch party.

I also catch up on some of the big non-championship game Ohio State news, from The Oregon Trail, to Jim Tressel in the Hall of Fame, to Ohio State basketball.

You can listen to the show below, of course. You can also find us on iTunes, thanks to our new fancy iTunes page, or our new, fancy SB Nation podcast page. You can also subscribe via RSS on Android and Windows Phone devices. If you're listening on iTunes, writing us a nice review would certainly help other people find the show.

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Thanks for listening.

Go Bucks.