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Penn State's offense has improved, but probably not enough to upset Ohio State

Can Penn State spring the upset? What was the problem with their offense? We chat with our friend Ben Jones to learn a little more.

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The summer, this seemed like one of the biggest games of the season, and Ohio State's marketing department apparently agreed, which is why it's getting the alternative uniform treatment. it's almost as if Penn State is a rival of Ohio State or something. But after Ohio State's struggles with consistency, and Penn State's struggles with...uh...beating Temple, a bit of the shine has been taken off the matchup.

But while you weren't looking, Penn State is 5-1 and playing some of their best football of the season. Has their offense turned a corner? What the hell was its problem anyway? To get answers to those questions and more, we chatted with's own Ben Jones.

We also discuss why Penn State hasn't had much luck recruiting in Ohio, and whether that may change depending on what Maryland does with their coaching search, the injury situation in Penn State's backfield, and also a plea for somebody, anybody, to beat Luke in FIFA. I hope that's you.

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