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Ohio State's Penn State hype video is like 105,000 screaming OSU fans for your soul

Dark Night In The Shoe is going to really be something, huh?

Perhaps the late Joe Paterno put it best: "It's Penn State."

The Buckeyes play host to the Nittany Lion Saturday night in Ohio Stadium with the Bucks set to don nearly all black uniforms while Penn State counters with their customary road all whites. It should be quite the contest optically.

Football-wise, on the other hand? Well, what both of these teams have mostly done offensively has been just plain offensive.

The Bucks showed signs of life against Maryland, but the degree of difficulty should be higher, even with Penn State not exactly looking like world beaters so far this season.

The latest get up, throw your laptop out the window, and run and try to tackle an 18-wheeler production from David Trichel and his guys should help fill in whatever gaps the sight of the words 'Penn State' don't already in the hype center of your brain.

All aboard. Next stop, Beat Penn State-ville.