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The helmets Ohio State are wearing against Penn State are something else

Black matte complete with scarlet helmet stickers? Yes, please.

After Ohio State shot down that the Buckeyes would wear their customary reflective green buckeye leaf helmet stickers on an ESPN College Football Instagram earlier this week, OSU wide receivers coach Zach Smith took to Twitter a few hours before Penn State and OSU were set to kickoff to showcase what the Bucks will in fact be wearing:

Absolute fire.

The scarlet lends far better to the mostly black with the same color accents and gray trim.

Here's another look, confirming that this is, in fact, :fire emoji:.

#GoBucks #DarkNight

A photo posted by Ryan Speer (@rspeer6) on

So what do you think about the Buckeyes' new alternate uniform helmets (and accompanying helmet stickers)? Let us know in the comments below.