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Ohio Stadium sings ‘We don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan’ after UM loses to Michigan State


The atmosphere at Ohio Stadium is already electric, thanks to the Buckeyes hosting a good football team at night, and with Ohio State unveiling new, totally sweet looking black uniforms. But when the undercard is a hilarious, heartbreaking Michigan loss in the most unlikely of circumstances? Well, it's only going to be even more pumped up.

Thanks to, we can see the reaction in the Ohio Stadium South Stands once the fans saw Michigan's demise thanks to a blocked punt. After laughter, you can hear everybody bursting into an impromptu rendition of We Don't Give a Damn For The Whole State of Michigan, which, you know, we don't.

If that's the opening act, Ohio State's tilt with Penn State could be just the jolt the Buckeyes need to finally get this train 100% on track. Fans singing and screaming, under the lights, against a hated foe?

It's going to be, as the kids say, *LIT*.


H/T: @AriWasserman