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College football rankings: Ohio State still barely No. 1 in AP Top 25

After a much improved performance Saturday, the Buckeyes remain the top team in the latest AP and Coaches Polls.

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The Buckeyes looked much closer to a No. 1 team on Saturday, in a 38-10 rout of Penn State in the 'Shoe. The Buckeyes continued to maintain their No. 1 standing in the latest AP and Coaches Polls released Sunday, holding that top spot for all eight weeks of the poll this season. The Buckeyes received 45 of 64 first place votes this week in the Coaches Poll, and 28 of 61 in the AP Poll.

Baylor maintained their No. 2 ranking in the AP Poll, followed by Utah at No. 3, and TCU at No. 4. LSU jumped Clemson for the No. 5 spot, and Michigan State came in at No. 7, after their improbable win over Michigan, who fell to No. 15 in Ann Arbor. Stanford and Iowa both jumped up five spots in this week's poll, going to No. 10 and No. 12 respectively.

Florida dropped to No. 13 after a hard fought contest against LSU in Baton Rouge. Texas A&M also dropped to No. 15, after losing to Alabama, who appeared at No. 8 this week. Ole Miss fell to No. 24 after taking a bruising at the hands of Memphis, who appeared at No. 18 this week.

Northwestern and Boise State both dropped out of the poll after suffering losses this weekend. New additions to this week's poll include Temple at No. 22 and Pitt at No. 25

Behind the Buckeyes in the Coaches Poll, Baylor maintained their No. 2 spot with their win over West Virginia. TCU also held firm at No. 3 after their 45-21 victory over Iowa State. Michigan State comes in at No. 4 after their stunning win over Michigan, who dropped to No. 17 after the loss.

Stanford, Memphis, and Toledo saw the biggest jumps up to No. 11 and No. 17, and No. 20 respectively, up five spots from last week's poll. Florida dropped down to No. 14, after losing on a fake field goal to Les Miles' LSU Tigers. Texas A&M also fell in the standings, down to No. 16 after losing at home to Alabama. After a loss to Memphis, Ole Miss came in at No. 23 this week, dropping 11 spots from last week.

Northwestern dropped out of the rankings after losing for a second consecutive week, this time at the hands of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Boise State also dropped from the poll after taking a 52-26 loss at the hands of Utah State in Logan. Newcomers to the poll include Georgia at No. 25, and Temple at No. 24.

Here are your complete AP and Coaches Polls:

Coaches AP
1 Ohio State (45) Ohio State (28)
2 Baylor (12) Baylor (12)
3 TCU (4) Utah (16)
4 Michigan State TCU (3)
5 LSU (1) LSU (1)
6 Clemson Clemson (1)
7 Utah (1) Michigan State
8 Alabama Alabama
9 Florida State Florida State
10 Notre Dame Stanford
11 Stanford Notre Dame
12 Oklahoma State Iowa
13 Iowa Florida
14 Florida Oklahoma State
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M (T-15)
16 Texas A&M Michigan (T-15)
17 Memphis (T-17) Oklahoma
18 Michigan (T-17) Memphis
19 Cal Toledo
20 Toledo Cal
21 Duke Houson
22 Houston Temple
23 Ole Miss Duke
24 Temple Ole Miss
25 Georgia Pitt