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Why is this news?: Cardale Jones' NFL Draft stock isn't shot, Ryan Shazier helps kids with alopecia

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All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

"It turns out that could've been [Cardale Jones'] last real audition for NFL scouts this season."

Bill Landis, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Landis goes on to say that while he may have seen the last of his significant playing time he will see all season, Cardale Jones doesn't necessarily take a hit from being benched in favor of J.T. Barrett. Jones is a different type of quarterback, who fits better into a pro-style system. He has a very strong arm, and doesn't present quite the ground threat that Barrett does.

Jones never lost a game as a starter, and while most of the game he played in this season weren't his best showings, the fact that he was able to adapt to the offense as much as he did is somewhat of a bright spot. Landis explains that the team was able to cater to Cardale's needs much easier last season with some of the weapons that they had, and how they lack those this season. But for him to be able to show any type of flexibility is good, and he's still very raw.

"I know there are a lot of people struggling with it right now. I just took it and embraced it, and I really feel like it made me the person I am now. I definitely want to help out."

Ryan Shazier, via Jeremy Fowler,

Ryan Shazier has alopecia, a type of hair loss that happens when your immune system attacks your hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. Hair typically falls out in patches, and in some cases the loss can be all over the body, and also permanent. Statistics show that 10 percent of people with the condition never regrow hair. The condition made Shazier a victim of teasing often when he was younger, but was able to become more confident as he got older.

Now, Shazier is trying to help young kids with alopecia. He has partnered along with NBA player Charlie Villanueva and his agency, Creative Artists Agency involved in the cause. He hopes to help the kids deal with the condition and build confidence, and to be a role model for them. He knows that most of the kids that suffer are more than likely the only ones in their schools that have it, and wants to be an influence in their lives.

"Ohio State still figures to be at least a touchdown favorite in every single game and favored in the Big Ten title game and should remain No.1 throughout the year."

Phil Steele

Phil Steele is often very accurate in his college football predictions. He was the most accurate last season for the first College Football Playoff, and has had other successes in his various predictions. On his website,, he revealed that he believes Ohio State will end up in the College Football Playoff this season, despite their early struggles. He is releasing a magazine with his predictions.

Steele cites their games at Rutgers, Illinois, and Michigan this year as a relatively easy road schedule remaining for them, on top of hosting Michigan State. Along with the Buckeyes, Steele has Alabama, TCU, and Stanford in the playoff. Steele says that he works 21 hours on Saturdays, and watches 12 different TVs at a time, and goes through every box score of every game. It's safe to say that he does his research.

"With the help and input of the faculty, staff, students, search committee and search firm, I feel we exceeded that expectation and I'm honored to bring Dr. Steinmetz from an institution as respected and renowned as Ohio State to the UA System."

Donald Bobbitt, via Amanda Etchison, The Lantern

Ohio State's executive vice president and provost Joseph Steinmetz has been named the new chancellor of the University of Arkansas, pending approval from the Board of Trustees of the university's system. Steinmetz will start on January 1 of next year. Steinmetz was named a finalist for the position earlier this month, and had also received consideration from the University of Iowa as university president, as well as the University of Texas, until he withdrew his name for consideration.

Per the Lantern, Steinmetz said, "I want you to know that my six-plus years at Ohio State as executive dean and more recently as executive vice president and provost have been wonderfully rewarding and I have appreciated the opportunity to work with all of you on behalf of all the faculty, students and staff at The Ohio State University." Ohio State spokesman Chris Davey said that the school was working on finding an interim VP and provost for Steinmetz, who has been at Ohio State since 2009, and would make an announcement next month. While Ohio State will miss Steinmetz, it's nice to know that Bret Bielema will have to answer to a Buckeye.