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If this video can't get you hyped for Ohio State-Rutgers, nothing will

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Ohio State's video team gets you ready for late-night in New Jersey.

Fresh off of its resounding 38-10 win over the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Ohio State football team is on its way to New Jersey a showdown with the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. The trip marks the Buckeyes' first trip to storied High Points Solutions Stadium since Rutgers joined the Big Ten.

For the first time this season there will be a new but familiar face under center when the game kicks off. J. T. Barrett is now at the helm of the offense that has scored touchdowns in its last twelve redzone trips. If everything goes accroding to plan, the Buckeye offense could be primed for its best showing of the season.

The Buckeye video team, on the other hand, is always in midseason form. So take a minute to kick back and get excited.