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Ohio State vs. Rutgers 2015: GameThread

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With J.T. Barrett back under center, Ohio State looks to keep its winning streak alive.

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Urban Meyer has named J.T. Barrett as Ohio State's starting quarterback. It's a move that many people have been calling for, after watching Cardale Jones and the offense struggle to find a rhythm and make plays like the No. 1 team should. Last week, Jones was 9/15 on passing, rushed for negative yardage, and scored no TDs. Barrett, on the other hand, was a perfect 4/4 passing, rushed for over 100 yards, and was responsible for 4 of our 5 TDs. It came as no surprise when the switch was announced.

Barrett wasn't the only Buckeye with triple-digit stats, though. Ezekiel Elliott was an unstoppable force—again—as he churned out 153 yards and a trip to the end zone. It was his 17th 100+ yards game as a Buckeye and his fourth straight game with a touchdown.

Things don't look too great for Rutgers going into this game. The Scarlet Knights gave up 464 passing yards last week against Indiana. If Barrett can keep his accuracy up and find Miller, Thomas, or any of the other receivers, things could get ugly real fast.

Join us in the comments below for our Ohio State-Rutgers GameThread! We want to know what you think about the QB situation, how awesome our punting game is, and anything else that comes up. Hit us with your gifs, your #hot #takes, your jokes, and whatever else you've got. Keep it respectful, and let's all enjoy another night in prime time. Go Bucks.