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College football rankings: Ohio State remains No. 1, gains ground on Baylor in latest AP Poll

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The Buckeyes are still the top team in the nation in the latest AP and Amway Coaches Polls.

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Ohio State remained the top team in the nation in the latest AP and Amway Coaches Polls, after crushing Rutgers 49-7 in Piscataway Saturday night. The offense looked prolific once again, and it was perhaps the best performance the Buckeyes have had all season. The Buckeyes received 49 of 64 first place votes this week's Coaches Poll, and 39 of 61 votes in the AP Poll after receiving 28 last week.

In the AP Poll, Baylor stayed at No. 2, after beating Iowa State 45-27 in Waco. Clemson moved up to No. 3 after crushing Miami 58-0, the worst loss in Hurricane history. LSU and TCU flipped in this week's poll, coming in at No. 4 and No. 5 respectively. Michigan State moved up to No 6, and Iowa to No. 10.

Utah dropped to No. 13 after falling to USC. Florida State dropped to No. 17 after losing on a kick six to Georgia Tech. Texas A&M dropped out of the poll losing to Ole Miss. Cal dropped out of the poll after losing to UCLA on Thursday night, 40-24. UCLA comes in this week at No. 24, and Mississippi State at No. 25.

In the Coaches Poll, Baylor held firm at No. 2, as well as TCU at No. 3. LSU and Michigan State flipped, coming in at No. 4 and No. 5 respectively. Clemson stayed at No. 6, after their thrashing of Miami. Alabama moved up one spot after a win against conference foe Tennessee.

Iowa moved up from No. 13 to No. 11, who was followed by Florida at No. 12. Utah dropped to No. 14, after losing to USC 42-24. Florida State was yet another top 10 team that was upset Saturday, falling in dramatic fashion to Georgia Tech 22-16. The Noles come in ranked No. 15 this week as a result.

Cal dropped out of the rankings after losing to unranked UCLA, as well as Texas A&M, who lost to Ole Miss. Newcomers to this week's poll include Pitt at No. 24, and UCLA at No. 25

Here are your complete AP and Coaches Polls:

Coaches AP
1 Ohio State (49) Ohio State (39)
2 Baylor (10) Baylor (7)
3 TCU (2) Clemson (6)
4 LSU (1) LSU (5)
5 Michigan State TCU (3)
6 Clemson (1) Michigan State
7 Alabama Alabama (1)
8 Stanford Stanford
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Oklahoma State Iowa
11 Iowa Florida
12 Florida Oklahoma State
13 Oklahoma Utah
14 Utah Oklahoma
15 Florida State Michigan
16 Memphis Memphis
17 Michigan Florida State
18 Duke Houston
19 Houston Ole Miss
20 Toledo Toledo
21 Ole Miss Temple
22 Temple Duke
23 Georgia Pitt
24 Pitt UCLA
25 UCLA Mississippi State