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Which Ohio State stars will follow Eddie George to Broadway?

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Former Buckeye Eddie George is headed to Broadway! What other Ohio State (and college football at-large folks) could take a spot on a stage with a Heisman legend?

Get your tickets!
Get your tickets!

So we've arrived at the part of the Ohio State schedule where the Buckeyes face off against a rather unsavory foe. Bye Week is one of those opponents you can easily overlook, and they might catch you sleeping or looking ahead or something even more detrimental. It is hell on the players, especially this year's Buckeyes, considering the best performance of the year will have two weeks of time to ferment before being re-released on the football world.

It's also not the most fun thing in the world for those of us tasked with writing about the team. Thankfully, former Buckeyes are there to help fill column inches.

Eddie George is headed to Broadway, folks!

Hell yeah.

If there's one thing that I know gets a fanbase fired up, it's mixing the rigors of the college football season with the subtle majesty of the stage! With a Heisman already to his name, it's safe to say that George's run as Billy Flynn in the revival of Chicago should score the former running back an easy Tony win, thus paving the way for the worlds first EGOTH - Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, Heisman. Your move, Tim Tebow.

With The Great White Way about to get a little more Scarlet and a touch more Gray, it's time to ponder which Buckeyes (and also some other college football types) might also fit into a costume, dance on a stage, and sing a show-stopping number from a B'way classic. And this is a convenient exercise, too, since a few Buckeyes (notably Ezekiel Elliott and, if he keeps it up, J.T. Barrett) might be headed to New York this holiday season anyway.

Let's raise the curtain, then!

The Phantom of the Opera

Staring: Cardale Jones as The Phantom, J.T. Barrett as Christine Daae (it's going to be a progressive show), Paul Keels and Jim Lachey as Messers Andre and Firmin

The Phantom is a legend of the Opera Popular in Paris, and the reason for much success there, and for some issues after his legend was born. Obvious role for Jones, whose legend was never bigger after winning the Buckeyes a National Championship (and a Sugar Bowl, and a Big Ten Championship) in his first games as a starter. Since then, however, things just weren't the same, and the successes weren't as easy to find. Enter the young, talented ingenue, Christine Daae, who came out of nowhere to shock audiences and the world with her (and in our case his) unimpeachable talents, a role perfect for the new signal caller.

Andre and Firmin, the theater's owners, are used for exposition and some comedic relief, and Keels and Lachey get to do that every single game.

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark

Staring: Noah Brown, Parris Campbell, Mike Weber, Nick Chubb, Seth Russell, and countless others.

The Spiderman musical was supposed to be Broadway's entry into the (over)saturated world of superhero lore. And then everyone associated with it got injured. Sounds like a perfectly awful fit for the cast listed above.


Staring Urban Meyer as Elphaba, Jim Tressel as Glinda

The residents of Munchkinland all love Glinda, and she got a ton of admiration from the locals, and couldn't do any wrong, despite letting plenty of wrong happen on her watch. Meanwhile, Elphaba was more talented, more ruthless and more hated. In the earlier movie, Glinda was the protagonist, and Elphaba the antagonist. But the later version, Elphaba emerged as the story's hero. Sounds like a perfect corollary to Ohio State's last two long term coaches! Plus, can you imagine Jim Tressel's rendition of "Popular"?


Staring: Cameron Johnston as Mark Cohen, and Joey Bosa as Roger Davis

Sometimes casting decisions make no sense. Sometimes certain people just look the part. This is one of those cases.

Mamma Mia!

Staring: Art Briles and the Baylor Bears

61 points per game! A crowd favorite! Probably going to come up short come awards season! It's a match made in Swedish disco heaven.

Fiddler on the Bert Roof

Staring: Bret Bielema as Tevye

Tevye is a Milkman (coaching at Wisconsin should make this an easy part to play for Bielema), who is always musing about traditions, and the old times, and how much the future scares him. For ol' Bert, the future is probably offensive coordinator for a low tier P5 school, if he doesn't buck the tradition of sitting on the bottom of the SEC West.

Les Miserables

Staring: Jim Harbaugh

For the poster alone.