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Jerry Kill, Ohio State's next opponent's head coach, steps down due to health issues

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In a shocker, Minnesota's head coach is stepping down immediately due to health concerns.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

In an absolute shocker, the Buckeyes' next opponent's head coach won't be on the sidelines when the Gophers come to town for their primetime game in Columbus.

Released by the university first thing Wednesday morning local time, Kill announced he is retiring effective immediately citing health concerns. Kill hangs it up with a 29-29 record in five seasons in Minneapolis.

Since beating kidney cancer in 2005, Kill's struggled to balance his health with his professional career. His bouts with epilepsy have caused him to have to leave multiple games after suffering frightening seizure episodes and even necessitated him taking a leave of absence in 2013 to seek treatment for seizure recurrence. Kill revealed during his retirement press conference that he's been battling seizures again recently.

Minnesota's assistant head coach and defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys will serve out the remainder of the season as the Gophers' interim head coach. The Golden Gophers host Jim Harbaugh and the No. 15 Michigan Wolverines Saturday night on ESPN.

Though Buckeye fans crack on Kill's controversial Big Ten Coach of the Year Award from a season ago, he's won at practically every level he's ever coached at and had a reputation as a genuinely good guy on top of his coaching bonafides. Here's hoping he and his family are able to successfully manage his health without the stresses of football in their lives.