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Can any Ohio State freshmen avoid a redshirt this season?

We've got a lot to talk about in our latest podcast, open week be damned.

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Ohio State is off this week, and we're certainly not complaining. The Buckeyes could use a few extra days to get healthy and stay in their groove, and all of us could use a breather to relax a little bit on a Saturday, take care of some neglected chores and relationships, and get all set for what looks to be a hell of a stretch run.

But just because the Bucks aren't playing doesn't mean college football news stopped happening. On our latest podcast, Matt and Colton discuss the aftermath of the Jerry Kill resignation from Minnesota (is this a good job? Can Ohio State flip any of their prospects?), to the biggest games of this week (sup, Washington State), to the biggest Ohio State storylines, including, just who is redshirting this season, and what does that mean for Ohio State moving forward?

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