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This Ohio State fan carved an awesome Ezekiel Elliott pumpkin

Is there a new pumpkin carving class at Ohio State, or what?

With Halloween just around the corner, Ohio State fans seem to be enamored with carving elaborate pumpkins in preparation for the holiday.

This clearly took some serious time and effort, and the creator (Cody Meade) deserves some serious credit. Carving a pumpkin is a tough enough task on its own, but carving out the pattern of a leaping Ezekiel Elliott? Well done, sir.

Of course, since he mentioned his previous year's Joey Bosa pumpkin, we had to go back and find that one, as well.

This man deserves an award of some kind, because these are beautiful. Imagine what he and the creator of the "Devastated Michigan Fan"-o'-lantern could do if they teamed up!