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Ohio State vs. Indiana 2015: GameThread

The Buckeyes enter conference play still No. 1 in the country. Will they have what it takes to make it back to Indianapolis?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's week 5, which means it's time for B1G play. The conference currently has five teams in the top 25: No. 1 Ohio State, No. 2 Michigan State, No. 16 Northwestern, No. 19 Wisconsin, and No. 22 Michigan. Ohio State is coming off a 38-12 win over Western Michigan. With at least two of those top 25 teams in our near future, the Buckeyes are hoping to finally solidify their offensive groove, with ol' 12 Gauge himself, Cardale Jones, still at the helm.

While being 4-0 feels like the standard for Ohio State at this point in the season, it's something unfamiliar to the Indiana Hoosiers, who can boast the record for the first time since 1990. Indiana hasn't won their first five games since 1967. A win today for the Hoosiers would break a nearly 50-year streak for them, though it would require them to overcome another piece of history; their last win against Ohio State was in 1988. While a win for the Hoosiers may seem unlikely, keep in mind that we almost lost back in 2012, when we managed to hold off a fourth quarter rally and win 52-49.

Ohio State has the tools to make a big statement today. Ezekiel Elliott has run for 100+ yards in 14 games, including the last 9 straight. Cardale Jones threw for almost 300 yards last week, though the offense struggled to utilize Braxton Miller again; he was limited to 11 rushing yards and 27 yards receiving. Unlocking Braxton's full potential in this offense could be a key factor in deciding where we see the Buckeyes this January.

Below is your GameThread for Ohio State-Indiana. Remember to keep your discussions civil and respectful. We want everyone to enjoy their experience here on the Internet today. We want your thoughts on the game, your hilarious jokes and memes, and, most important, your help cheering on the Buckeyes!