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Why is this news?: Ohio State should be No. 1 in the first CFP rankings

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They may have struggled early in the season, but the Buckeyes are back. Can they earn the number one spot for the Playoffs?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

"No matter what the numbers say, or how impressive they look, this is still the most talented team in the country."

- Tom

Despite a rocky start to the season, things have finally settled with J.T. Barrett at quarterback, and the rest of the offense has started find a groove. The first College Football Playoff rankings will be revealed next week and people are on the fence about where Ohio State should land.

While there are certainly arguments for why they might not still deserve the overall number one spot, there are plenty of other reasons the Buckeyes should be in first place, including having Urban Meyer as their coach and still not having lost a game since last year's Virginia Tech snafu.

These arguments will be null and void when the official rankings are released, but for now, the debate will continue.

"There have been no days off for Herman in quite awhile. The day after Ohio State won the national championship in Dallas by beating Oregon, Herman drove to Houston to begin his new job."

Bill Rabinowitz, The Columbus Dispatch

The Buckeye offense immediately felt the affects of Tom Herman leaving for Houston. There may not have been any hard feelings, but concern was a given.

Herman is already finding success at his first head coaching gig in Texas, recording one of the highest ranking quarterbacks and one of the best turnover ratings in the country -- better than Ohio State. His success is in no small part related to how he runs his program, which is reminiscent of his time under Urban Meyer.

Meyer is one of the best mentors you can have in the game as a coach, Herman learned how to create a team culture that focuses on responsibility and accountability. Having started with a strong foundation, Herman is enjoying the challenges of being a first-year head coach.

"With the weekly CFP meetings about to start and the travel commitment involved, I had to make this difficult decision."

Pat Haden, via College Football Playoff committee

The power-yielding College Football Playoff committee will be short one member, leaving 12 remaining people to make the final decision on the team rankings. Pat Haden was about to embark in the second of his two-year term on the committee and will not be replaced ahead of next season.

Haden is the Athletic Director for USC, and after the firing of Steve Sarkisian and ahead of the football facility renovations, he thought it be in his and the committee's best interest if he stepped down. In addition, health concerns resulted in his doctor recommending Haden reduce his travel, which wouldn't have been an option is he were still on the CFP committee.