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College football rankings: Ohio State still No. 1 in AP and Coaches Poll despite near upset at Indiana

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The Buckeyes held on to the top spot in the AP and Coaches Polls after a scare in Bloomington.

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Another week of football, another close call for the men in scarlet and gray. The Ohio State Buckeyes went into Bloomington to face the Indiana Hoosiers, and came out with a slim 34-27 victory that came down to a 4th and goal by the Hoosiers. Despite yet another tough week, the Buckeyes remained in the top spot in this week's AP and Coaches Polls. The Buckeyes received 38 of 61 first place votes in the AP Poll, and 50 of 64 in the Coaches Poll.

It was a tough week for top 10 teams in the AP Poll. Ole Miss dropped down to No. 14 after their blowout loss to the Florida Gators, who leaped to No. 11. Notre Dame slipped to No. 15 after losing in Death Valley to Clemson, who came in at No. 6 this week. UCLA tumbled to No. 20 after a 15-point loss at home to Arizona State.

LSU moved up to No. 7, while Utah jumped to No. 5, and Alabama to No. 8, after clobbering Georgia in Athens, who fell to No. 19. Mississippi State, West Virginia, and Wisconsin all dropped out of the poll after suffering losses this past weekend. Iowa, Toledo, and Boise State were newcomers to the poll coming in at No. 22, 24 and 25 respectively.

In the Coaches Poll, TCU jumped Michigan State for the No. 2 spot this week. Ole Miss dropped out of the top 5 after their loss to the Florida Gators in the swamp, falling to No. 13, Florida jumped to No. 12. Georgia fell to No. 16 after getting trounced against Alabama at home. The Crimson Tide reappeared in the top 10 this week at No. 10.

Notre Dame slipped to No. 15 after what ended up being a close loss to Clemson, who also made an appearance in the top 10 at No. 6. Texas A&M moved up to No. 11 after defeating Mississippi State, who fell out of the poll this week. Northwestern moved up to No. 14 this week after a shutout victory over Minnesota.

Iowa made their first appearance in the Coaches Poll this week at No. 23, after beating Big Ten foe Wisconsin, who fell out of the poll. Others newcomers include Michigan at No. 21, Boise State at No. 24, and Memphis at No. 25.

Here is your complete AP Poll, with the Coaches Poll below it:

1 Ohio State (38)
2 TCU (5)
3 Baylor (10)
4 Michigan State
5 Utah (7)
6 Clemson
8 Alabama
9 Texas A&M (1)
10 Oklahoma
11 Florida
12 Florida State
13 Northwestern
14 Ole Miss
15 Notre Dame
16 Stanford
17 USC
18 Michigan
19 Georgia
21 Oklahoma State
22 Iowa
23 Cal
24 Toledo
25 Boise State

Coaches Poll:

1 Ohio State (50)
2 TCU (4)
3 Michigan State (1)
4 Baylor (5)
5 LSU (1)
6 Clemson
7 Utah (1)
8 Florida State
9 Oklahoma
10 Alabama
11 Texas A&M
12 Florida
13 Ole Miss
14 Northwestern
15 Notre Dame
16 Georgia
17 USC
18 Stanford
19 Oklahoma State
21 Michigan
22 Cal
23 Iowa
24 Boise State
25 Memphis