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Bills sign former Colts RB Daniel 'Boom' Herron to active roster

The former Buckeye standout has signed a deal with the Bills to fill in for the injured LeSean McCoy.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After being waived due to injury by the Indianapolis Colts just after the preseason, former Ohio State running back extraordinaire Dan "Boom" Herron took several workout opportunities before finally signing with the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills under new head coach Rex Ryan have had issues with their current backs staying healthy. What was originally missed time in the preseason has turned into a half-season loss following the news that LeSean McCoy will miss 3-4 more weeks due to another tear in his hamstring. Herron will no doubt in part help fill the void McCoy was brought to Buffalo to occupy.

Herron hasn't quite been a journeyman since his time at Ohio State, but played for a year in Cincinnati and two in Indianapolis. He showed signs of his former greatness during the 2014 postseason, giving the Colts enough confidence to release RB Trent Richardson. The loyalty was short-lived following a shoulder injury in the last preseason game of 2015; they waived him Sept. 6, and he's been in roster limbo ever since.

On the plus, now a whole new fanbase will get to know the joy of yelling "BOOOOOM".