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Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets - Darnay Holmes to visit, Kareem Walker still solid to OSU

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Darnay Holmes is visiting OSU this fall. Do the Bucks have a legitimate chance at the 5-star corner?

Darnay Holmes
Darnay Holmes
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Though the 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes are still struggling to execute consistently on the field this season, an area that the Buckeyes are always excelling in is the recruiting trail. Though there were no commitments, Tuesday was another win in that department as Ohio State is still pursuing five-star cornerback Darnay Holmes.

Holmes visiting Columbus this fall

Holmes is a class of 2017 cornerback and rated the number two prospect in the country at his position. He is planning a trip to Columbus sometime this season. Holmes has held the Buckeyes in high regard throughout his recruitment and was even able to make it to Friday Night Lights over the summer.

Given that he's from California, it'll be tough for Ohio State to pull Holmes away from the west coast powers and it will be especially difficult to beat out Stanford, who seem to be the favorite at this point in time. However, if he does follow through and visit this season, that'll make it two visits over the span of 4-5 months that were paid for on his dime, so there's no doubt that legitimate interest is there. Expect this recruitment to carry on for some time and don't be surprised if it's still going on well into next fall during his senior season. He's getting tons of attention now and it will be doubled as we  get closer to signing day for his class. "Watch what they do, not what they say" has always been a good rule of thumb when it comes to recruiting and that will be especially true in this race. If his Columbus visit does indeed happen this fall, then the Buckeyes will be a legitimate player moving forward.

Walker still solid to OSU

2016 running back Kareem Walker is still committed to play for Ohio State, and if you haven't seen it yet, his mid-season highlight film was released yesterday. Walker at one point towards the end of summer instilled some fear into the Buckeye Faithful with a visit to Arizona State and a couple other schools. Since then, he's been somewhat quiet and all signs point to him being solid to Ohio State. He has stated in the past that he plans on graduating early to enroll for spring ball wherever he ends up signing. If, as is likely, he signs with the Buckeyes, he'll put himself in the mix to see significant snaps as a freshman next fall. Walker is still the number one rated player at his position and the 31st overall player in his class.