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Why is this news?: The Braxton Miller experiment hasn't quite worked out so far

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Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

"There is a reality sinking in about Braxton Miller's situation at a new position that is either sobering or encouraging for Ohio State depending on the perspective."

Austin Ward,

The Braxton Miller to H-back experiment hasn't been as fluid as many would have hoped. The Buckeyes have tried many tactics to get the self-proclaimed most athletic player in college football the ball, but it hasn't gone all that well. Miller showed flashes in the Virginia Tech game, but even then, Miller looked timid, and uneasy in his new position, which is expected. But Miller hasn't shown us much since. Miller only had two touches against Indiana.

With the season-ending injury that Corey Smith suffered last week against Indiana, more production will be needed out of Miller. The Ohio State wide receivers have now suffered two major injuries since camp, and there's not much proven production to step up. The next month will be critical for Miller to find a flow going at his new position, before the Buckeyes face Michigan State and Michigan back to back, not to mention the Wolverines are looking better and better as the season goes on.

"I got contacted by many schools about playing running back. I should have taken those offers. Wisconsin's coach messaged me a couple times, but I think he was just playing to try to get me there to play linebacker."

Raekwon McMillan, via Ari Wasserman, Northeast Ohio Media Group

We all know Raekwon McMillan as another great linebacker to take to the gridiron at Ohio State, but McMillan used to be quite the offensive player in high school. McMillan was a great running back talent in his high school days in Hinesville, Georgia. The recruiting process was crazy for McMillan, who was a highly sought-after five-star prospect. Schools used to try to get McMillan to come to their school by saying he would get touches at running back, but he knew it was all for show.

In this piece, it also appears McMillan always feels that he can perform better. Although he had 16 tackles and a sack against Western Michigan, he felt that he could still do better. And perhaps the most interesting tidbit from this piece from Wasserman is the fact that McMillan is in fact named after Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan. McMillan said his mother liked their music, and preferred Raekwon's stage name to his real name, Corey Woods.

"Losing an NBA lottery pick and four seniors who always seemed to leave fans wanting more means drastic turnover, and it could mean that [Thad] Matta's 12th season in Columbus will be more about setting up the 13th."

Bill Landis, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Ohio State is bringing in a good, young group of guys this upcoming season. Bringing in a bunch of guys with high ceilings, highly touted recruits, that's not unusual Ohio State basketball. But this year's team is going to be different than what we have been used to watching the past few years or so. All of the experience is gone, and the Buckeyes future will rest on the shoulders of the incoming class, who will need to produce quickly.

Bill Landis notes that the team, "lost 69 percent of its points, 49 percent of its rebounds and 87 percent of its assists from year ago." That's enough to make any coach nervous. But with guys like Austin Grandstaff, Mickey Mitchell, Daniel Giddens, David Bell, JaQuan Lyle, A.J. Harris, and sophomore Trevor Thompson, the Buckeyes should be in good shape. They have a good group of guys with a variety of talent that will be fun to watch this year, and in years to come.

"It's been a long, arduous, often painful march, but former Ohio State quarterback Rod Gerald can finally see the goal line. Crossing it, though, will require hurdling a couple of opponents — a la Ezekiel Elliott — he didn't expect to find in his path."

Jon Spencer, Mansfield News Journal

Former Ohio State quarterback Rod Gerald has been dealing with health issues for quite some time now. Gerald played quarterback from 1975-77, and moved to wide receiver in 1978. Gerald was able to walk in Ohio Stadium with his teammates from the 1975 team for their 40th reunion, thanks to spinal surgery and fundraising efforts from Paige King, a big Ohio State fan.

The surgery allowed Gerald to come face to face with Cornelius Greene for the first time in almost 40 years. The two grew a bond as teammates that made them like brothers. Gerald will have to have surgery again on Thursday to deal with post-surgery complications from the surgery that allowed him to walk at Ohio Stadium. A staph infection set in after the initial surgery, and led to an infection in his bones. But the ability to see his old teammates has been a high note for Gerald, and gives him good spirits going into his fight.