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What would Maryland have to do to upset Ohio State this week?

We asked Pete Volk of SB Nation and Testudo Times to find out, plus more.

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I'm going to start this off with an absolutely blistering hot take: Maryland football is bad.

Still have you? It's not hyperbolic to say they might be the worst team remaining on Ohio State's schedule (depending on how you feel about Rutgers), and they could be the second worst team on Ohio State's schedule, period. For a team still looking to establish offensive consistency, and a for a team looking to put up a nice show on Homecoming, Maryland is a welcome sight.

But could they upset the Buckeyes? I mean, Indiana almost did. What would they need to do to pull that off?

In our latest podcast, we chat with old friend Pete Volk of, and editor emeritus of Testudo Times, the excellent SB Nation Maryland site. We discuss not only what Maryland would have to do to hypothetically upset Ohio State, but what Maryland does well at all (it's not much!), what Ohio State needs to do this weekend to get back into the good graces of the national conversation, whether Randy Edsall is on the hot seat, and how good a job Maryland actually is. Is it a better job than Illinois? Than Rutgers? Also, there's some video game talk in here too.

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Or, you can just listen below:

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Thanks for listening, and Go Bucks.