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Why is this news?: Maryland may be the best shot for a blowout win for Ohio State

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All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

"Nobody is picking Maryland to beat Ohio State this week."

- Bill Landis, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Buckeye fans and media personalities have had plenty to discuss this season, as the team that competed for a National Championship just nine months ago seems to have lost their edge. At the end of the 2014 season, Buckeye Nation was getting used to seeing the team not only win, but dominate -- something that hasn't been on display thus far.

Offering a myriad of explanations and suggestions -- all unsolicited -- fans are growing anxious for a blow-out. Maryland's football program, already weak, is about to completely unravel. Rumors are rampant about Ohio State vs Maryland being the last game as head coach for Randy Edsall.

Personnel changes, off-field (and sometimes legal) issues, mixed with a team that has yet to get their bearings in the Big Ten are all culminating distractions for the Terps. As badly as Ohio State fans want a blowout, should it happen against Maryland, those same fans might be begging for some mercy in the fourth quarter -- but Urban Meyer doesn't show mercy, right!?

"John Tatgenhorst handed the Ohio State Marching Band director a cassette that included the tune to The McCoys' hit song, 'Hang On Sloopy.'"

- Zack Meisel, Northeast Ohio Media Group

The song that is so ingrained in Ohio State lore and tradition almost never came to be. It took the special ear of the band's musical arranger John Tatgenhorst to translate the song for the band and his endurance in making sure it was performed for fans.

At the time (1964) the band's director wasn't a fan of that type of music and didn't want his band to perform it. Once he was finally convinced, it took more than one gametime performance to convince Buckeye fans to buy in to the new anthem -- eventually they did, and we still enjoy the song on Saturday's to date.

"The Ohio State softball team will have two more opportunities to play before a home crowd on Sunday, closing out its 2015 fall schedule with a doubleheader against Kentucky and Kent State."

- Ohio State Softball

The Lady Buckeyes are wrapping up their 2015 fall season and a year that exceeded expectations. The Buckeyes led the Big Ten conference in hitting, finishing a full nine points ahead Minnesota in second. The team set single-season records for batting average (.348), home runs (75), extra base hits (164) and runs scored (380).

In addition to team records, player Erika Leonard set a conference record with 37 RBI in 23 Big Ten games and Shelby Hursh led the conference in saves (four) for the second time.

The team is looking for big things in 2016 including a much better and further journey through the Big Ten conference late in the season.


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