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J.T. Barrett's OVI citation dash cam video is not great, Bob

The QB was already guilty of poor judgement. The optics from his being pulled over aren't great either.

TMZ Sports, as they're wont to do, has surfaced the J.T. Barrett detainment dash cam video from Halloween weekend which culminated in his one-game suspension, a guilty plea, him losing his driver's license and being fined, and plenty of well deserved scorn.

Though there's nothing ever good about any circumstance which culminates in a driving intoxicated charge, the most damning component of the sequence is when Barrett attempts to pull clout and states "I'm the quarterback of Ohio State ... officer, there's nothing you can do?" Surely much will be made of that particular sound bite.

There's not a ton else notable in the sequence other than the officers attending to Barrett, like many of us, finding situational humor in Cardale Jones being the one who had to pick him up from the scene of the incident.

You can watch the video in its entirety below: