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Cardale Jones puts 'Peace For Paris' logo on cleats before Illinois game

The Buckeyes QB once again shows what a good guy he is.

Though with the return of J.T. Barrett he's set to resume his role as OSU's principal backup, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones continues to show his true colors.

Just like he did after the tragic death of a three-year old in the Cleveland area, Jones has found a subtle way to use his platform to make even a small bit of difference, electing to wear the 'Peace for Paris' logo making its way around social media on his gameday cleats.

The aforementioned eye black ultimately proved to be a would-be violation, and Jones removed it after only a series or two. After Tim Tebow routinely wore eye black when he played for Urban Meyer, the NCAA changed their rules in order to prohibit those kind of displays, regardless of the nature of the message. Though Jones' cleats might draw the ire of the league offices were he in the NFL, on paper at least, it seems unlikely the message he's getting across today will do anything but show the kind of character he has.

Here's a better look at Cardale's cleats from the locker room in Champaign before Ohio State takes on Illinois:

Jones had also tweeted Friday evening in support of the victims of the unthinkable acts of terror in the capital of France:

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