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Joey Bosa is so good it takes 3 guys to slow him down

Can't fault Illinois for trying.

We all know his bonafides.

One of college football's best. Possible number one overall 2016 NFL Draft pick. All-American at worst.

The Ohio State Buckeyes' Joey Bosa is just out here trying to finish up his time in Columbus with the same level of on the field success he's experienced his first two years. And it seems like almost every snap, he's double teamed.

Since that still doesn't work most of the time, Illinois decided to kick things up a notch and dedicate three guys to trying to slow Bosa:

Illinois didn't really accomplish anything offensively. Quarterback Wes Lunt had to throw the ball away on third down. They went on to punt -- and even that was blocked.

Good job, good effort, I suppose, Illini.