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Why is this news?: Ohio State's Senior Day will be bittersweet and loaded with NFL scouts

Saturday's game against Michigan State will mark the end of an era as Ohio State seniors play at home for the last time.

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"Feelings of confusion swirl inside every player prior to their final home game. There are feelings of completion and accomplishment, the feeling of a job well done, regardless of the awards and accolades. Conversely, yet equally as strong, sadness will swirl inside."

- Former Silver Bullet, Bobby Carpenter

Senior Day is always bittersweet. Coaches, players and fans alike have to accept that this will be the last chance to see some of their favorite Buckeyes play at home. Four years flies by. This is the group that came to Ohio State at the same time as Urban Meyer, fought for him from the beginning and won him another championship.

As they wake-up Saturday, and start their game day routines like so many other times in their career, the air will be a little thicker and emotions will be a little higher than normal. The Seniors will hear their names called, and they'll take the field flanked by their parents and loved ones in a moment that will be remembered forever.

They can't live in the moment too long, they have another task to focus on -- beating Michigan State -- if they want another Championship ring.

"Ohio State has credentialed 19 NFL scouts representing 17 teams for Saturday's game, including Bears general manager Ryan Pace."

- Zac Jackson, NBC Sports

It's no surprise that a record number of Buckeyes are expected to go in the 2016 draft, and scouts are wasting no time getting a look at the players they might be interested in. More than half of 32 teams in the NFL are sending representatives to the game Saturday, including the Lions, Browns, Titans and Chargers -- who are all expected to have early picks in the draft.

Joey Bosa is still considered the favorite for the overall No. 1 pick, but history has shown that isn't always a lock. He may not be the first, but him making it past the first few picks in the first round is extremely doubtful. Wideout Devin Smith was the only Buckeye invited to the first night of the draft last year, but with this year's loaded class, Bosa will surely have several teammates with him for the trip. Those might include Ezekiel ElliottDarron Lee, Michael Thomas and Adolphus Washington.

"Decker also marvels at how lucky he was to receive hands-on experience with a 150-pound cheetah, and to get up close with an endangered species like the zoo's snow leopard."

- Brian Bennett, ESPN

When Taylor Decker, King of the SLOBs, isn't busy protecting the quarterback or opening running lanes for 'Zeke, he spends his time at the Columbus Zoo working with animals as part of his animal sciences major at Ohio State. Decker has interned at the zoo the past two summers, and has a bond with several of the animals.

Decker is projected to go in the first round of the 2016 draft, so he might be a ways off before starting a career tending to wild and exotic animals, but that likely wont quell his love for the work. He took his job seriously, even cutting his hair and shaving his beard to represent the facility inside and out.

"I could see a two-loss team making it into the field under certain circumstances; I could see an undefeated team not making it to the field under certain circumstances."

- Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, via Nicole Auerbach, USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 conference took a lot of heat last year for having a nine-game conference schedule and no conference championship game. The lack of a conference champion, could have contributed to both TCU and Baylor missing a shot at the College Football Playoff -- though no one from the committee will officially admit this.

Strength of schedule has been wildly debated for years, but the new emphasis on it for the CFP, means once again making changes to the Big Ten conference. Big Ten teams will now have a nine-game conference schedule starting in 2016, and have agreed to stop playing FCS schools.

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