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Ohio State's Pelotonia fundraiser has once again raised a crazy amount of money to beat cancer

'An enemy of my enemy is my friend.' Cancer is an enemy to us all.

Every year, Ohio State and the city of Columbus host the Pelotonia bike ride fundraiser, where an unprecedented 100% of funds raised goes to cancer research -- that's all of it.

This year's ride raised $23,659,675!!!

The fight against cancer has proven time and again to be a unifying experience, even for those usually considered a rival. One of the supporters who lined up at the finish line of the 100-mile route, wanted to show his thanks for the doctors and community that stood by him despite his football team preference.

Oncology doctors and researchers, combined with cancer survivors and their friends and family meet throughout the city on the morning of the race to embark on their 25-180 mile journeys. The ride is quickly becoming one of those events that brings the entire city together, and those that don't ride often volunteer.

This year's check was presented by Sheryl Crow, who pledged to ride 100 miles at next year's event.