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Ohio State brought it for GameDay. Here's the best signs

College GameDay was back in Columbus for the first time in five years. OSU brought it accordingly.

ESPN's College GameDay set up shop in Columbus this morning for today's huge showdown between Ohio State and Michigan State. Emotions will be high for the last game in Columbus for Ohio State's seniors, and with the outcome going a long way towards deciding a playoff spot, and the winner of the Big Ten East, it's no wonder why ESPN decided to send their crew to their third consecutive Ohio State-Michigan State game. This should be a fun one.

But there are a ton of other stories on this website to read about the actual game. You're here to check out the best signs, and the Columbus faithful didn't disappoint. If anything, Ohio State fans did a way better job than say, Alabama or Utah.

I think the facial expression here from Mark Dantonio really completes this masterpiece. I can almost hear him yell AACCCK from over here.


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Just because Ohio State is playing Michigan State today doesn't mean that fans can't take the opportunity to take a fashion potshot at next week's opponents.

You don't have to be in the classroom to learn important truths at Ohio State. Sometimes, people will bring that important knowledge directly to you.

Friend of the blog Jon Saxton sent us this great sign idea a few days ago. We all laughed.

And wouldn't you know it? He called his shot! Well done, John. #FF @jonsaxton.

/pours one out


Sorry, Iowa.

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Okay, this one made me actually laugh out loud. Well done.

My favorite sign. #Gameday #GoBuckeyes

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If you make a Too Many Cooks joke, and you get on TV, I will put it on this website.

We love Smarf.

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Hard for us survivors to not band together:

A fair (and appropriate) question:

Look out, Republican and Democratic primary hopefuls: