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LeBron James is riding for Ohio State in an OSU-MSU bet vs Draymond Green

One more reason for Ohio State to win. Can't let The King down.

Even though he didn't go to Ohio State, there aren't many bigger supporters of the Buckeyes than LeBron James. So when Golden State Warriors star, and former Michigan State Spartan, Draymond Green issued a challenge over the outcome of the Ohio State-Michigan State game this afternoon, The King didn't back down.

Decked out in Ohio State gear, LeBron tells Green to "send a few cases of wine" his way to Northeastern Ohio when Ohio State knocks off the Spartans, while waiving a Buckeye helmet. Hopefully, Ohio State comes through with their end of the deal, so LeBron and friends can enjoy a few adult beverages, and not suffer the indignity of having to do anything nice for Draymond Green.

Green, also decked out in Spartans gear, didn't specifically name the terms of the bet, so we don't know happens if Michigan State wins. But hey, that's probably academic anyway.

You can watch the full videos below. Go Bucks.

First, Green for Sparty:

Then, the King: