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Lee Corso dons Brutus head, picks Ohio State once again

He's now donned the Brutus head an even 20 times.

The first mascot head/prop Lee Corso ever sported? You guessed it -- the Brutus Buckeye head.

Corso's told the story a few times on air. Apparently the first time GameDay asked to do it, they were denied. But with enough persistence -- and probably some help from former Ohio State starting quarterback Kirk Herbstreit -- they were finally able to get the athletic department and university to buy in.

Having picked Ohio State 19 (!) times at previous College GameDay appearances, the only question remained whether or not Coach Corso would pick/rep the Buckeyes once again.

With college football's only two-time Heisman Trophy winner in the house as the guest picker, Corso did the dang thing once again.

Can Ohio State make good on Corso's pick? Stay tuned.