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Ohio State opens as 2, 2.5-point favorites vs Michigan, line quickly moves to UM

It's going to be a long week.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A barrage of quick action on the early lines on the Ohio State-Michigan game moved the Buckeyes from oddsmakers set 2/2.5-point favorites (depending on your sportsbook of choice) to three-point underdogs. Essentially Vegas anticipated OSU -2(.5) would create a bunch of action on both sides of the aisle, but heavy betting on Michigan caused them to move the line in the opposite direction.

Should Michigan be the favorites? I think anyone who watched Saturday's OSU-MSU game would probably feel inclined to think so. Does it make a lot of sense to bet on them? Probably. OSU's been way streaker, and despite a slight talent advantage, all other things equal, UM is very capable of winning this game. The advanced stats love them, too.

There'll be plenty of silliness about off the field things in relation to the Buckeyes in the weeks ahead. If the locker room is in shambles, you'd think we'd have heard about it before Ezekiel Elliott spoke candidly and Cardale Jones tweeted something he'd probably been planning since he decided to come back to school last offseason.

Of course, in reality, little of it matters. If OSU wins Saturday, a week of #hottakes won't have factored in one way or the other. If OSU loses (even in less than stellar fashion), instead of it having been one of if not the reasons, it'll probably be because Michigan played 60 minutes of better football.

Does that mean you should bet on Ohio State? It's your money. They have a talent edge and if they can silence the noise and get in the same kind of rhythm they showcased inconsistently throughout the season, anything's possible. Does that make that in any way a prudent decision? Your mileage may vary.