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Urban Meyer says the play calling was 'not very good', will be more involved moving forward

There were a lot of issues on Saturday, but the play calling seemed to stand out the most.

The hangover from Saturday's loss is still looming in Columbus, but Urban Meyer took the podium to discuss moving on from the issues against Michigan State and how the team is preparing for the first game against a Jim Harbaugh-led team up North. Play calling was a big question mark after Saturday's game, and it needs to remedied ahead of the rivalry game.

Meyer held a team meeting yesterday to discuss the loss with his players, "it's a sign of a team that can move past a tough loss." He notes the best way to deal with disappointment is surrounding yourself with family and people you care about.

Offensive woes

  • "We wanted to throw the ball in that game," Meyer said, noting they had success in the air against MSU last year, but the conditions made it difficult to keep that game plan.

Play calling concerns and Elliott's comments

  • "Not very good, have to do better," point blank on the play calling Saturday and Meyer admitted he regrets not stepping in and changing it up. He will also be more involved with the play calling moving forward.
  • "Zeke has always been extremely loyal," Meyer noted on the comments made by the running back, he's very emotional. "We do not condone it, encourage it...he came to see (Meyer) and apologized."
  • Ezekiel Elliott had an infection in his leg early last week, but that did not affect his number of carries; MSU's defense collapsed the run lanes. Looking back, Meyer said he would have given him the ball more.
  • Zeke is a very honest guy, and he had to deal with frustration, anger. "I couldn't disagree, he should've gotten the ball more," but noting the media is not the forum to express it.

On Michigan State

  • "Obviously we have to move past a very tough loss," Meyer opened his presser with. "I don't want to undervalue a loss."
  • There were a lot of recruits in town against the Spartans, but there aren't that many roster spots open, so it was more of a chance to get to know some of the incoming players.

Preparing for Michigan

  • "Excellent players, great coach ...they're playing very well right now," said Meyer.
  • Meyer notes moving past the issues the team has had this year is not as simple as fixing one or two things. "We're not operating at maximum capacity," and he is using every ounce of energy to focus on winning Saturday's game.

Players looking to NFL

  • On how he manages younger players looking toward the NFL (Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa and Cardale Jones), Meyer has considered taking away their phones, but acknowledges that's not fair. Citing these players are emotional and are good guys, but just need to focus on Saturday. Having so many guys go to the NFL is a sign of good recruiting, but "it's a nightmare" having to let go of so many talented players.