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Ohio State fans are covering up every 'M' on campus for Michigan Hate Week

A tradition unlike any other.

It's officially Michigan hate week in Columbus, which means it's time for the age-old tradition of covering up any and all occurrences of the letter "M" on the Ohio State campus. It may only be Monday, but the favorite pastime of "Michigan Hate Week" is already in full swing, as evidenced by the strange new names of various buildings on campus.

Of course, everyone's favorite "Counications and Technology" building, "Kottan Hall!"

It wouldn't truly count if the "Departent" of Athletics didn't get in on the fun.

Considering the success of Ohio State Athletics in recent history, it's surprising that other schools haven't followed suit and built their own "coplexes".

Classic historical "arkers" like these help us remember the legends that walked this campus before we did.

Of course, the removal of the letter 'M' doesn't stop in the real world, because the Twitter world is eliminating them, as well.

In fact, Pantoni's entire profile has been stricken of any traces of the letter 'M'. That's dedication.