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Ezekiel Elliott apologizes, 'My intentions were not to point fingers ... but I do not regret anything I said'

Even though it's Michigan Week, and Ohio State still has an outside chance to claim a Big Ten East title, the big story for today remains Ezekiel Elliott, and his controversial comments criticizing the coaching staff and their gameplan in Ohio State's loss to Michigan State. That led to takes and counter takes over whether Elliott was right, if he should be punished for airing out those critiques in public, and whether Ohio State was losing control over the locker room.

This afternoon, Elliott posted an apology for his remarks, and explained himself a little more.

During his weekly press conference, Urban Meyer said that Elliott would not be punished for his remarks. He added that he "couldn't really disagree" with his complaints, but added that "that's not the place for it."

BTN has the video for the entirety of Meyer's remarks on the Elliott situation: