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The best way to get over the Ohio State-Michigan State game? A visit from the marching band

What a great way to get the team inspired heading into rivalry week.

Sunday could have proven to be a rough day of practice for the Ohio State Buckeyes, following their last-second loss to the Michigan State Spartans. Instead, they got a pick-me-up in the form of The Best Damn Band in the Land.

College football teams and the school bands are always closely tied, but not every school goes out of their way to help ensure that the two entities are intertwined. A band's primary function is to get the crowd and the team pumped up, and the Buckeyes certainly needed that on Sunday, and will need it this weekend against Michigan.

Kudos to whoever's idea this was, because it looks like the team had an absolute blast hanging out with the best collegiate band in the country.

And of course, what sort of band visit at Ohio State would be complete without J.T. Barrett breaking it down like it's "Drumline"?