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Why is this news?: Joey Bosa focused on patience, Michigan's defense led to turnaround

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

"It was a really big mistake, and I'm still not completely over it.It's definitely been a rough, sleepless couple of nights partly because of that. I just want to do everything I possibly can to help us win, and when I do something like that to negatively affect our team, it hurts a lot."

- Joey Bosa via Austin Ward, ESPN

There was no hiding the mistakes made by star defensive end Joey Bosa last Saturday against Michigan State. Everyone watching the game knew instantly when he had jumped offside not once, but three separate times. To make matters worse, Bosa got called for one of the penalties on Michigan State's game-tying drive (when the Spartans were going for it on fourth and eight) that allowed the opposing team a much more manageable position. But with the loss being put behind the Buckeyes, Bosa is focused on making sure he stays disciplined and focused on the Michigan game.

Bosa noted that Michigan State's center would toy with the ball, moving it around before setting and snapping. Bosa himself said that the movement of the ball caused him to jump as he's used to jumping when the ball moves - normally into the quarterback's hands. Still, he recognizes his mistakes and with his physical ability and dedication to always improving, it's easy to imagine that this won't become a consistent issue for him in the next few weeks or at the next level in the NFL.

"That's (defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin) and the coaching staff. Every week they're coming in and scheming up something different to put us in a better position to win games."

- Willie Henry via Andrew Erickson, The Columbus Dispatch

Jim Harbaugh has turned Michigan back around in his first season after starting the year off with a loss on the road to Utah. The reason the Wolverines have only lost one game since? The outstanding defensive play by Harbaugh's team has been the key difference in making what makes the Wolverines a good football team. Michigan is second in the nation in total defense (Ohio State ranks eighth), sixth in scoring defense and fourth in rush defense. Ohio State was already going to have a difficult enough time moving the ball against the Wolverines on Saturday regardless, but the loss to Michigan State and the frustrations on offense so far this season don't bode well for the Buckeyes.

The game on Saturday will be the first time Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer meet, and while early in the season it wasn't a question that Meyer had the upper hand, the tables might have turned just a bit. The Buckeyes are slight underdogs heading on the road and will need to prove their offense can recover from its performance against Michigan State if they want to have a chance to move the ball successfully against a tough Michigan defense.

"It's humbling to see my dad, Justin, Zach playing in this game. It's a great experience, it's the best rivalry game around, so like I said I'm just thankful to be a part of it."

- Jacoby Boren via Doug Lesmerises, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Jacoby Boren is finishing (for now) what is an impressive legacy in the storied rivalry that is Ohio State-Michigan. The youngest Boren playing on Saturday will mark the 13th time a Boren has played in The Game, following in the footsteps of his father Mike (who played at Michigan from 1980-83) and his two older brothers Justin Boren and Zach Boren. The aforementioned brothers both played at Ohio State, Justin transferring from Michigan to the Buckeyes, while Zach played all four years with Ohio State. Both have made their marks on the program and have their signature moments.

Justin Boren went on the road against MIchigan as an offensive lineman, helping the Buckeyes win in 2009 and then again in 2010 at home. Zach Boren started as a fullback with Ohio State from 2009-2012 but made the switch to linebacker his senior year. He even had a great sack that got plenty of replays and pictures made from it, where he stands over Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner. Now as Jacoby Boren finishes his career at Ohio State with one final Michigan game, the Boren legacy will have to wait a couple of decades before there's another chance to continue the tradition of playing in The Game.

"No, what frustrated me this weekend was seeing how many members of the sports media called out Elliott for what we ask of athletes and coaches every day. He was asked questions; he answered them honestly."

- Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated

Much has been made of the comments that Ezekiel Elliott made following Ohio State's devastating loss to Michigan State last Saturday. The junior running back was emotional and frustrated, like many other players and fans, about the way the Buckeyes let the game slip away. Elliott's impact was minimal, despite scoring a touchdown in the first half, and he only got to carry the ball two times in the entire second half. Still, after making his comments that bashed the offensive playcalling and coaching staff, he apologized and it was done.

Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated makes some good points in his response to the backlash that Elliott received in the following hours and days. Deitsch basically mentions that we often criticize athletes for giving bland answers or sidestepping questions altogether and that Elliott actually responding to questions honestly shouldn't have been as big of an issue as it seemed the media made it out to be. It's a decent read that I would suggest if you've been upset with Elliott about his comments.