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Here's video of Jim Harbaugh smashing a buckeye at Bo Schembechler's grave

The Game.

111 editions strong.

Ohio State-Michigan.

And naturally, a lot of zany traditions/superstitions.

As Ohio State students prepared to jump into an on-campus lake as the air around it was just a couple degrees above freezing, Jim Harbaugh took part in a "grave walk".

Apparently amongst the destinations were the grave of Wolverine trailblazer Fielding H. Yost, former Michigan track athlete/broadcaster Bob Ufer, and of course, legendary coach Bo Schembechler.

When the group of folks (which also included Harbaugh's father, former Western Kentucky coach Jack) made their way to Schembechler's grave, Harbaugh went ahead and elevated things.

Brandishing a hammer, Harbaugh proceeded to smash a buckeye.

So that's something.

Where does this rank in OSU-UM lore? Better than Urban Meyer saying "let's beat the shit out of Michigan"?