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The Ohio State vs. Michigan hype video will have you ready for 'The Game'

It's coming.

College football's greatest rivalry will write a new chapter on Saturday, when Ohio State takes on Michigan in The Big House. Both teams are coming in ranked for what should be another classic in the rivalry.

The official game trailer should give you that extra edge for the game that we spend all year waiting for, another chance to give the team up north another loss. And it can never come soon enough.

Ohio State has won 10 of the past 11 contests, and will seek their fourth consecutive win in the series Saturday at noon. This game means a lot, with bowl implications on the line for both teams. It will come down to a matter of who wants it more, and you had better believe the Buckeyes are hungry after last week's loss.

And what better way to avenge a loss than to take it out on the Wolverines?