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Why is this news?: Do Ohio State fans want Michigan to be good?

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

"Michigan and Ohio State's rivalry is never far from anyone's mind around here. This season, though, this classic rivalry's return to glory has flared up an old argument: Do the Ohio State fans want Michigan to be good?"

Ben Cohen, The Wall Street Journal

I think the answer to that question is that it depends on who you ask. There is absolutely a group of fans out there who want Michigan to lose every game that they play, there's another that wants them to lose the big and meaningful games, and then there's those that want them to win every game except the Ohio State game. There's a bunch of variation on this topic, some feel much more strongly about it than others.

Cohen's article goes into good perspective on that of other rivalries, like the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn, as well as the Bedlam game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. They all offer different aspects, like how Oklahoma has largely dominated Oklahoma State, and the variations of interest that the Iron Bowl will draw. Of course, while some Ohio State fans want Michigan to be good, and some don't, everybody can agree that when it comes to that final game of the regular season, everybody wants to beat Michigan.

"So when he had seized the audience's attention at an event designed to highlight his feats, [Woody] Hayes gazed at Bo Schembechler and seethed about a shortcoming from many years earlier."

- Zack Meisel, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Woody said to Bo, "God damn you, Bo, you will never win a bigger game than that." Meisel recounts a moment between Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler, as Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh are set to square off for the first time. Woody was referring to when the Wolverines ruined the Buckeyes chances to repeat as champions in 1969. While this game isn't quite nearly as big as that one, the game will have bowl implications for both teams.

Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh does appear like it could become quite the coaching matchup in the rivalry. It also does appear one that has a chance for some type of longevity, one that could make for some great games in the future of the rivalry, as well as signature moments and maybe even signature quotes. Either way, the first Meyer-Harbaugh matchup should be a good one.

"Thanks to 10 inches of snow and potential rainfall, parking spots for The Game between Michigan and Ohio State could be more scarce than tickets."

Ben Freed,

I think most of us wouldn't be surprised that it would be difficult to find parking at an event such as the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, but with 10 inches of snow and the chance of rain, it's going to be more difficult. The reason? There are two golf courses across the street from The Big House that typically holds thousands. The courses would reportedly only be able to hold 300-400 if the conditions are bad enough.

The University of Michigan Golf Course and Driving Range might also be partially closed, and even entirely closed if the weather conditions would do too much damage, according to Freed. It's safe to say it would definitely be encouraged for folks on both sides to travel with as many people as possible, because it seems no matter what the weather situation is on Saturday, parking is going to be somewhat limited.

"Byron Scott sitting [D'Angelo] Russell in the fourth quarter of games, even blowouts, is perplexing."

- Kurt Helin, Pro Basketball Talk

D'Angelo Russell was the second pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, but the way that the Lakers are currently being operated, you might be led to believe that he wasn't the future cornerstone of the franchise. Russell is still trying to adapt to the NBA game, along with fellow promising prospect Julius Randle. But Russell is not getting playing time in the fourth quarter of games, even when the games are out of reach.

That developmental time is important to rookies, especially when the games are out of reach, because it really gives guys like Russell to get a feel for the NBA game without having to worry about making critical mistakes. Byron Scott has said that he wants to give Ryan Kelly and Marcelo Huertas more playing time because they don't get as much. Which would make sense if they were going to be the future of the franchise. They're not, though, and Russell's development has been slowed down because of this. Byron Scott has and will continue to bench Russell, but the noise on the outside will continue to grow louder and louder.